External Diagnostics

Transmission diagnostic tests are a series of tests that our shop uses to determine the health and functionality of a vehicle's transmission. There are several different types of diagnostic tests that can be performed depending on the specific issue that the transmission is experiencing. Here are some common transmission diagnostic tests:

  1. Visual Inspection: A mechanic will examine the transmission to look for any obvious signs of damage or wear such as fluid leaks, worn out gears, or damaged seals.
  2. Computer Diagnostics: This test uses a computer scanner to read the vehicle's computer system and identify any trouble codes associated with the transmission.
  3. Road Test: During a road test, the mechanic will drive the vehicle to evaluate how the transmission is shifting, check for slipping or other abnormalities, and listen for any unusual sounds.
  4. Fluid Level and Condition Check: The mechanic will check the level and condition of the transmission fluid, which can provide valuable information about the health of the transmission.
  5. Pressure Tests: These tests involve attaching gauges to the transmission to check for proper fluid pressure, which can indicate any mechanical issues or problems with the hydraulic system.
  6. Transmission Tear Down: In some cases, a mechanic may need to perform a complete tear down of the transmission to identify any internal damage or wear.

By performing these transmission diagnostic tests, our technicians can pinpoint the issue with the transmission and determine the best course of action to repair it.

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