Transmission Repair FAQs

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transmission control module
The Transmission Repair FAQs is a resource for customers that are looking for answers to common questions regarding the process of diagnosing and repairing your vehicle’s transmission. We can diagnose, repair, rebuild or replace any transmission and help you through the entire process. If you didn’t see the answer to your questions you can call us directly. Our staff is professional and friendly. Call now! (602) 612-4198.
The cost will vary greatly from one vehicle to the next. Every vehicle and transmission is different and will have different pricing for both labor and parts. Some transmissions are more damaged than others and will require more parts to rebuild or repair. Lastly it will depend upon whether its an automatic, standard, DCT or a CVT transmission. Our rebuilds start at $895 and go up from there.
Most transmissions jobs can be completed within 3-5 business days. If we have all the parts we need in stock for the build it can be done sooner, if there are any difficulties or delays with ordering parts it could end up taking longer.
Yes, we offer numerous forms of financing. Each option will come with a 0% interest introductory offer. We have lenders that will work with customers who have good credit, bad credit and no credit. The application process is quick and easy with instant approval decisions.
Once we diagnose your car and provide you with an estimate we’ll also provide you with a timeline of how long it should take us to repair your vehicle. If you need a rental car during that period we will cover the costs up the rental up to $40/day until we complete the repairs. You’ll have to put the rental car in your name but we’ll call and setup the reservations for you. Once you return the rental car bring us the receipts and well take the cost off of your bill or write you a check to reimburse you.
Based on your complaint with the vehicle we will attempt to reproduce those errors while simultaneously looking for any additional issues with the car. We start out with a quick consultation to learn as many details as we can about your vehicle. Then we scan the vehicle with our diagnostics tools to check for any trouble codes, we will road test the vehicle and then put it on the lift to visually inspect it. Based on the issues your having, trouble codes, and the road test we’ll be able to pinpoint your issues and provide a free estimate for any repairs that are needed. We specialize in transmissions but can diagnose any vehicle issues.
Yes we do services on all types of transmissions including automatic, standard and CVT transmissions. A typical service includes draining out the old fluids and replacing it with new transmissions fluids in addition to changing any applicable transmission filter(s) and transmission pan gaskets. Some vehicles will have a filter that we can change and some are internally built into the transmissions.
A transmissions flush is a process that uses a hot flush machine and an additive to flush out the entire transmission. The flush machine hooks up to the transmission cooling lines and will flush the transmission cooler, cooling lines, the fluid inside the transmission and the torque converter. A typical transmission service will drain the old fluid out and replace it. The service doesn’t remove all of the old fluids and is more of a preventative maintenance. Most times the flush machine is used to clean out metal debris and clutch materials commonly associated with a transmission that failed. The flush machine can be used to drain and fill the oil but doesn’t give us the opportunity to drop the oil pan and inspect the condition of the fluids. We prefer the old school method of a transmission service/fluid change. It takes a little longer but allows us to get a better inspection of the transmission and fluids.
If you bring us a quote from another transmission shop or repair facility we will beat their pricing and/or warranty. We’re a family owned business with over 40 years combined experience and we do all of our own rebuilds & repairs in house which saves us money and we can pass that savings on to our customers. Most shops offer 1,2 and sometimes a 3 year warranty. We offer up to 5 years. We charge a little extra for the 5 year warranty but we change out all of the components that could cause a problem with brand new parts therefore we are confident providing a 5 year warranty on parts and labor excluding hard parts and electrical components.
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